Did I say I should have lots of free time to catch up here and write bunches of posts? Hahaha! Silly me! I must have been thinking of my other life. The make-believe one. Here in my real one I am usually chauffeuring, attending meetings, scrubbing small people and every other surface in my house, cooking or tackling the endless laundry pile.

Of course, if I can get myself out of bed by 5am I do have some free time, but workouts always win out to early morning blogging sessions. They guarantee me the much needed energy to actually make it through these crazy days.

The good news is that it’s a long weekend, I don’t have any appointments to keep, no classes to teach and I only have to make sure my kids are fed 3 meals a day. I can’t wait! I’m planning on today being the cleaning day and then it’s nothing but sewing projects and relaxing with the family. Oh, and spending some time here too…

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2 Responses to TGIF!

  1. Jamie says:

    Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend.

  2. Stacy Johnson says:

    I would even say that two meals is absolutely minimum. Throw a box of cheerios on the table.

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