Stars And Stripes

I wrote a post, blinked, and now it’s ten twelve days later. For real. That “twinkling of an eye” phrase is really starting to make sense lately.

Since last Friday I have sewed a lot, (pictures to come soon) cleaned and cooked a little, but spent most of my time preparing for my girl scouts camp which we just returned home from yesterday. (pretend today is still Monday, okay?)

I’m happy to report that though it was a rough start (for me) getting ready and feeling more than a little overwhelmed, camp was a success and we all made it back without any injuries, incidents or tears shed.

Actually, I take that back. We had a sing along at a camp fire on Saturday night (Sept. 11) and had a great time watching each troop get up and perform some silly songs for the rest of us. Then the mood turned more somber when one of the troops brought out a large, tattered, old American flag.

The troop was retiring the flag, and I was very excited for my girls to witness it. I was able to attend a retiring ceremony when my dad was a scout leader and though I was very young, it made an impression on me. The girl scout troop leader talked about the process of retiring flags and then spoke briefly about the events of 9/11 and asked for a moment of silence before proceeding into the ceremony.

I was pleased that my girls were able to control their usual rowdiness, but I have to say I was taken aback at how moved they were by the sentiments that were spoken that night. My own daughter was only a 6 week old baby in my arms when I watched the towers fall, and as most of the girls at camp are about the same age, I was impressed to see how respectful and even emotional most of them were.

The entire camp was very quiet during the rest of the beautiful ceremony. My thoughts kept creeping back to how it all felt 9 years ago, and I also kept thinking that I really needed to teach my children more about patriotism and love for our country. It’s not always an easy thing (or remembered thing) to teach, so I was happy that my scouts were able to take this particular memory home with them.

On our way back to our cabins, one of my girls asked if we could do a ceremony like that someday. I have to say I was thinking the exact same thing…

*this poem was the one read that night…

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4 Responses to Stars And Stripes

  1. joshsuds says:

    Thanks for posting this! It’s refreshing to read something respectful and positive about the flag and the country for a change. Go girl scouts! Also, now I feel like buying a box of cookies 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    I’ve never see a flag retired – what a cool experience for your girls.

    • kspin says:

      It really was. What I think is so great is that the actual procedure of how to retire it is so precise. I love that there are still traditions like these that are still executed with exactness. The meaning really sinks in that way. 😉

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