I’m Mediocre and I Like It

Just some thoughts while driving home tonight…


  • Jake now works out of the house after being home for 3 months with us (can you say adjustment?)
  • I’ve seen icky wolf spiders with babies on their backs 4 times in the last 2 weeks! Ewww! Only 2 were at my house and both were outside thank goodness!
  • Found 2 dead scorpions in my garage
  • Geoffrey is getting all of his 1 year molars right now – all of us have been bite victims
  • there is a lot of excitement with my family in Utah and I’m not there to be a part of it – the phone doesn’t quite do it sometimes…


  • Jake started a new job out of the house this week after 3 months of being home
  • Geoffrey is finally starting to walk (so nice since he weighs almost 30 lbs!)
  • Maddy and Miranda got excellent grades for their first quarter of school
  • I have only missed one day of workouts in over a week – some are even 2 a days
  • I have been able to hang out with good friends everyday – even if it’s just to workout
  • I got killer deals on an old racing bike and a dining room table at garage sales (I LOVE garage sale shopping in Arizona btw)
  • My girls now are loving their reading time because of their smart dad who bought “cool” reading lights that hook onto their headboards – genius
  • I have 3 races on my calendar for the next 5 month to look forward to
  • We have  family coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with us here (even if it’s only a few of them, we’re still excited)

Things that didn’t make the lists, or in other words things I am luke-warm about:

  • The low temps right now are in the 80’s way too hot for running or park days, but still decent swimming weather – it’s a  trade-off
  • my writing is just meh lately – to give you an idea I have 6 posts started and can’t make them work
  • Halloween – don’t hate it, don’t love it – that’s all we need is more candy around the house to taunt me all day

This is about as deep as my brain can muster tonight. Okay, maybe all the time lately, but I guess I should be pleased that there aren’t any stresses that are taking precedence over my every day thoughts. Mellow is one of my favorite moods…

This is how I found Miranda after an early morning run. Like 6am early. She really likes that lamp!

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4 Responses to I’m Mediocre and I Like It

  1. I am the same way about halloween. meh….

    some times mediocre is the way to go. And we had a touch of fall and I liked it, alot. And then in is 90 today. blech!

  2. Jamie says:

    there are days for me lately when mediocre would be a giant step forward!

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