November Already?

Yesterday I realized that I didn’t write one post in October. I’m not surprised, but I am. I have had a little more time to read (blogs, books, articles, etc.) and my desire to write has slowly been reigniting. Geoffrey is taking a nap, Patrick is at preschool so it’s the perfect time to get a lot of work done. But I’m going to try and catch up here instead. Priorities people…

****5 days later****

I kid you not. Minutes after I typed that teeny paragraph the phone rang, people stopped over, the time passed and I had to pick up kids from school, make dinner, go to card club and then my day was over. I don’t even remember all the things that I was going to write here, but Saturday was a great day, so I’ll get to writing about that first before I forget. Promise!

In the mean time, I am two weeks away from my 35 birthday. This is a big one for me because of the list I wrote 4 years ago outlining my goals before this date. Do me a favor and check it out. (forgive the lack of updates) I’m going to need new goals for my new list, so please help me out with suggestions. I’m not sure if it will be a 40 before 40 or if I’ll narrow it down to a select few. Any input would be great, thanks!

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One Response to November Already?

  1. Jamie says:

    I always smile when your blog pops up in my reader!

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