Change of Plans

Right now my family sleeps. I sit listening to the ocean sounds coming from the dishwasher while sipping my homemade knockoff version of Starbuck’s caramel apple cider. Think caramel apple meets hot apple cider. But even better. My version is pretty tasty for my first attempt, and the ambiance of dishes being cleaned is surprisingly calming. Not quite as serene as a warm coffee shop on a snowy day, but I take what I can get…

My nighttime plans were to A: get the kids to sleep. B: watch Evan Almighty with Jake. C: blog about my triathlon from Saturday. and D: go to sleep and NOT get up at 5am just one more time. Instead, Jake wasn’t feeling the best and crashed right after the kids did, so it was a solo movie night for me.

I have been sick and should have probably followed Jake’s lead, but the spurt of energy that my doctor had promised would come with my medication finally kicked in so I thought I better take advantage in case it was short lived. I’m not positive the energy was from my Z-pac, or the sugar-loaded beverage I concocted, but either way the kitchen got cleaned on commercial breaks during my show. (which is one of my faves!)

On my way to blog, Facebook distracted me (as usual) and I was happily surprised to see more family photos posted of people that I love. Some on FB, some on websites, some emailed to me . . . what a great treat! I think I have had perma-grin for the last hour or two. Man. I know some good looking people!  You all know who you are…

Now I’m all gushy and blubbery about not seeing all of those beautiful faces everyday and wondering who in the world stole all the baby-cheeks and silly faces while I wasn’t looking? I seriously had to take a double take of my own nephew to see if it was really him, and I just saw him in July! Of course, I do look at my own cherubs sweet little faces everyday, yet when reviewing our captured images taken by someone other than myself, I could hardly believe my eyes. Someone swapped out my babies for these older mature versions. No doubt my parents and in-laws were thinking the same thing.

Can Geoffrey really not only be walking now, but trying to run too? Could this blond baby really be mimicking his brother and sisters words already? and reaching onto my counter tops to grab everything he sees? Does he know I have to hold back tears every time he tries to fold his arms for our prayers and then says “a-mom” at the end of them? I’m not ready for these milestones yet.

Did Patrick really just get his first black eye from a bike accident? My little Pitter Patter can’t ride a bike can he? And how did he learn to count to 100 or write words that I spell to him? I didn’t even know he knew what a capitol “G” looked like. Does he know how cool everyone thinks he is because of how fast he can master Lego Wii games or spout Star Wars trivia like he’s talking about old friends? I am amazed at the capacity of that kid.

Is it possible for Miranda to grow up any faster? Those legs just keep getting longer and longer! Good thing she likes dresses so much so I don’t have to rush to replace each pair of pants she seems to grow out of weekly. And when did she start being so absorbed in her own thoughts? The questions coming from her are so profound lately that I’m not sure this girl with a serious side is really ours. It will be exciting to see where Miranda’s drive takes her in life.

Even Jake can see the changes with Maddy and feel her heightened sensitivity. Are we ready to admit we have a tween? The boost in personal responsibility and maturity with Maddy has been so refreshing and helpful. Where did this independence suddenly come from? When did it become more enticing to stay home and “babysit” while I do quick errands in the neighborhood? I’m glad she still loves our family bike rides and game nights and I hope that lasts for a while longer.

The tri was awesome and a great experience, but I was also so relieved to have it behind me and be done with that crazy training for a while. Without the anticipation of the race looming over my head, I was able to let myself kick back and relax and just absorb everything going on around me. (granted I was not feeling well enough to do anything else) I was amused by the conversations I heard and was very entertained with the comic strip that is our family dynamic.

I am feeling almost completely recovered and rested after this weekend and am ready to move forward to the holidays and more race training. Mostly I’m excited to spend extra time with my family and our extended family over the next two months, catching up and creating wonderful memories together. I better get moving on gift ideas and perfecting my cider recipe for the nights I’ll really need it when we head up to Utah!  (I did Google Starbucks caramel apple cider and found lots of recipes if you want to try any out)

Okay, time for sleep now. But first I have to share our new family photos from this fall. What can I say? I’m a proud Momma…

*for the rest of our photos and more of Kim’s fabulous work, click here.

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3 Responses to Change of Plans

  1. Jamie says:

    What a gorgeous photo and family you have. I can feel the love you have for them pouring out of every word. What a beautiful post.

  2. Nicole says:

    LOVE this picture. And, what a great lookin’ family indeed. I can SO see what you mean about how they’ve all grown. I mean, it seems like you were just HAVING the little one and there he is, a certified little dude in his own right ALREADY.

    Yep. Time sure does fly.

  3. Ericka says:

    So cute! Loved all the photos, your family is darling. I’m also glad that I’m no the only one who tears up at the little milestones.

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