Breaking The Silence

I’m not going to start by listing all the things that keep me from writing lately. I’ve done that PLENTY of times. Most of you who check in with me know the usual suspects so I’ll just get on with it…

In addition to my normal routine, I have been doing an awful lot of pondering these days. I read. I watch. I listen. I meditate. I pray. I have become quite the observer as of late. It’s an old role for me, but one that has found me again in the  few quiet moments of the day. I’ve enjoyed this reprieve of sorts and it’s now time to get doing again.

During this reflective time, I’ve also wondered what I looked like to all of you observers, so I started back-reading the last 3 years of this blog. If I didn’t know myself, I would guess that I am a runner who takes extended breaks to have babies, (quite a few of them) a lover of all things edible, someone with fierce but often flighty passions,  and I’m fairly certain you would feel the love I have for my family and friends as well.

What you may not see is someone who spills her guts (in very obscure ways which don’t seem like I’m spilling anything) for sake of documenting all of her life and keeping her sanity. A woman searching for daily balance while still finding ways to create and develop her talents. A mother/sister/daughter who wants to leave a glimpse of her life for her loved ones that contains more than just the “facts”.

What you also don’t see (and something I’ve been terrible of noting as of late) is how much inspiration and joy I get from reading and seeing all the beautiful things that you all contribute to your outlets, whether it’s in the blogging world, facebook notes, or real-life interactions. Thanks to all of you who have also jumped back into writing this year. You have helped me find my resolve sooner.

I may not always have time to comment, but I am usually around.

This year my writing plan is to do more than last year. That’s it. Shouldn’t be too hard since I barely kept a presence here at all. This is still my journal of sorts and I’m ready to be more committed to it. There are so many things that I was reminded of reading old posts that I am starting to really understand how this spot is mostly for me, though I hope I can amuse some of you in the process as well.

Now that it’s February I’m working on my New Year’s resolutions. January was just too soon after the holidays for any sort of goal tackling. I have loved the idea about a one word theme as a simple reminder of what I am striving for. So far I have narrowed my list to 4 words. (what can I say? I have many goals) The finalist are gratitude, shine, believe, or wisdom. I’m hoping to narrow it down soon and get started. First I need to update my 35 list. Wow. I really let myself get behind, didn’t I?!

Well, first post of 2011 is now done, but there will be more in Feb. I promise! The writing juices are now flowing…

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2 Responses to Breaking The Silence

  1. Jamie S says:

    Brilliant post! I’ve missed you here – but remember there are seasons in life, you’ll blog when you are ready and need it.

  2. Every time you are here you make me smile. Come back any time 🙂

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