New Music Crush

Don’t worry, I have some “real” posts in the works, but couldn’t resist posting this song today. I saw Civil Twilight last week here in Scottsdale at a teeny bar. Seriously. Like easily under 100 people and it was AMAZING. Steven McKellar’s voice is unreal. It’s perfect, sliky-smooth, haunting even.

They have a new album coming out this April and I got to hear some of the new songs at the concert which made me anticipate it even more. I really hope this band takes off and gets the attention they deserve soon. I mean, I paid $10 to be 5 feet away from a band with easily as much talent as Coldplay and some of my other favorites. If you live in Utah, you can pay $12 and see them this next Monday. Of course I highly recommend that you do so.

They have so many great songs. Check out Letters From The Sky, Human, Soldier and Anybody Out There for a few samples. And I’m sure I don’t really need to point out that Steven is kind of nice to look at right? I didn’t think so…

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One Response to New Music Crush

  1. Jamie S says:

    I so wish I wasn’t babysitting tonight – I’d totally check them out if I could

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