No Foolin’

I’ve been meaning to share something here for a while and just realized that I’m sharing on April Fool’s Day so I may not be believed, but that’s kind of okay with me. Sometimes I can’t believe it myself.

Truth is, we’re expecting our fifth baby in a few short months. For real. Not only that, but I’m already half way there and we know it’s a boy. That’s not the reason I haven’t been around much, but it has been causing my early bedtimes (9pm) and if I have had any ‘free-time’ at all a nap usually wins out over everything else. {I heart my naps!}

This time around has been so different compared to the others. I haven’t had any morning sickness and have still been able to get up early and run, though lately I’ve done more walking and my running is more like a very slow jog, but it’s more than I’ve ever been able to do with any other pregnancies so I’m pleased!

I was in denial for the first 11 weeks until I had my first ultrasound because I really didn’t feel pregnant at all and was convinced something was wrong. Luckily I was wrong and all is well. Now at 20 weeks I’m looking/feeling more pregnant and am just starting to get a little uncomfortable. I have had to stash away all my regular sized clothing and even went shopping for a maternity swimsuit because I will actually have to brave the Arizona heat all summer this time. I can only run off to Utah for a short trip in June and will have to be back for Dr. appointments for the rest of July and however long in August until my Dr. makes me baby is ready.

We’re all excited here and I’ve been slowly re-buying everything that baby might need since yet again I got rid of everything as soon as Geoffrey outgrew it. (toys, clothes, equipment, etc.) But this baby was totally planned. . . that part might be considered the April Fools. 😉

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2 Responses to No Foolin’

  1. Jamie S says:

    I’ll admit it – I’m still not 100% convinced you aren’t pulling our leg, but congrats!!!

  2. kspin says:

    Totally true. I was going to do a post about Spring Break and thought I better explain my belly before I post any recent pics of me. 🙂

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