Anything But Boring

We’ve had a great few weeks here, actually a few great months, but I’ll at least re-cap from Spring Break to now.

Me, the family and my 4 month belly at the zoo.

My parents were here for a week and we had nonstop fun. We went to the zoo, (of course) the Arizona Science Center, we swam, visited parks and ate out way more than is healthy. It was fantastic! They sure spoil us, and the kids were so happy to wake up to Nana & Papa every morning. I’m sure my parents won’t miss Geoffrey ‘talking’ to them for hours every night while they tried to sleep, but he sure was sad to see them go.

Petting some stingrays. (Maddy shredded her shirt on the splash pad slide)

My sister joined us all for the weekend as well. She and I hit some awesome garage sales, got a manicure and pedicure (which I literally had not done in years) and then she was lucky enough to hang out selling Girl Scout cookies with me and my troop for five hours straight on Saturday.   Keri, you are a good sport!

Geoffrey livin’ it up in the splash pad at the zoo.

Monday was right back to routine and school. With the help of her dad and myself, Maddy finally finished her science project (tornado in a bottle) and we all decided that even though we “started” weeks before it was due, we will make sure that we don’t have to dedicate more than 6 hours straight to getting Maddy to do anything that involves scientific thinking and legible writing at the same time. And with a deadline. Wow.

Patrick freezing in the splash pad at the zoo.

Of course it turned out great and she was so proud when she got to show her project off to us and Jake’s cousin & wife who met us at the science fair that Thursday night. They stayed the rest of the weekend with us  and we had a great time. My kids seriously LOVE them! It was hard to get the kids to take breaks in monopolizing of the cousins time playing games and Star Wars guys, but we were still able to sneak in another trip to the zoo, as well as a dad/cousin/daughter Girl Scout bowling day and a nephew’s birthday party at the park.

The kids celebrating the finish of orange picking for the day. (Feb.)

We’ve done a lot more lately, but that will have to be another post. Life is still insanely busy and we are expecting Jake’s parents in a few short hours for the next round of spring visitors. I love that our parents come down and stay and put up with us and our crazy household.

This visit will be a little more project oriented as we are hosting Jake’s Grandma Fern’s 90 birthday party here. She’ll be coming in town soon too and we are trying to get the house/yard looking it’s best for the big event. I thought it would be a great time to tackle the painting of all the interior doors in the house, only to discover after re-hanging them that the trim then looked gray. The two-tone look was not really what I was after, so all day today I have been painting trim while listening to this.

My parents with the kids.

Jake is looking for work again, so not only have I had some extra help with the normal routine, he’s also been able to spend lots of quality time with our kids and house guests.  I also *might* be overwhelming him with huge to-do lists everyday as well. It’s been great! . . . for me. So far we have refinished a dining room table, a media cabinet and a futon for the playroom. Next up he gets to weed and get the yard ready for new rock. I’m sure he’s SO ready to get back to a real job and have a break from me. 🙂

It’s been great to get a good start on so many things, but now I need to focus on de-cluttering (again) before I jump into any new projects. Not to mention the ones that I still need to finish, like my sister’s curtains that I have had since Christmas. I did finish one at least…

Valance for her craft room window.

The other curtain will be almost like this just taller and the ruffles on the bottom will be taller as well. That one will be for the craft closet. Maybe after I finish them I’ll be more confident in sewing some curtains for my house since the girls room is the only one that has curtains right now. And I didn’t even make them, my mom did! Slacker! I’m slowly feeling more overwhelmed than accomplished, so I’ll leave it at that.

This spring has been great, the weather is lovely and we couldn’t be happier with family visiting and the new baby on the way. Life is good. Busy, but good. Hope you are all enjoying your spring as well. Any fun plans? or projects? would love to catch up with all of you that I have neglected the last little bit!

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7 Responses to Anything But Boring

  1. What lovely happy smiling kids….you deserve a medal..great post..ELiza Keating

  2. Kate says:

    So glad to see you back on the blog:) Max and I had the most wonderful time ever with you all… we miss you already and are so happy we get to see you in June! Love that the baby post happened to go up on April fools, too cute.
    p.s. I might have done a fist pump and yelled “Yay team OBI WAN” for Patrick when we saw the facebook update last week:)

  3. I saw the picture of your mom and thought, “Hey, I know Karolee’s Mom!” And then I realized, “No, she just looks a lot like her sister, that’s all.” 🙂

  4. Looks like you’ve been having a blast! And kid #5!!! Wow!, that will be anything but boring 😉 Hope everything continues to go well.

  5. Jamie S says:

    What a very busy family!

  6. bookbabie says:

    Great family pictures and Oh My Gosh!!! I just read that another beautiful child is on the way, how exciting and congratulations to you all! Meagan is due for a little boy too May 27th:)

  7. What a beautiful family you have and you look so darn cute with that little belly popping out. How do you manage to look so good? It’s been a while since I ‘checked up on you’, and look how big the kids have gotten! Time flies!

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