For The Record(s)

*This post was started 2 months ago and will be the 1st of many catch up posts*

I decided it was high time for a catch-up post, but I’m going to go backwards so that my brain doesn’t have to strain and think back 4 months. For now anyways.

Let’s see, just this last week Miranda had strep throat, Geoffrey is getting over croup and Jake is looking for a new job. again. Don’t worry, this has been the only really rough week of the year. I promise the rest of this post is much more positive. Although I better wait a few days to post it since I really haven’t told either of our parents that he is out of work. Hmm. Must do that soon.

Right now we are in the middle of Girl Scout cookie sales which I have to say I quite enjoy. We get to hang out in front of grocery stores and keep girls out of trouble and on task which is always tricky, but we also have a yearly spot at our local butcher shop (The Pork Shop) which sells $1 brats every Saturday in March and there is always a fun crowd there to entertain us. (and of course the great neighbors who come and say hi too!)

Last weekend I was able to be part of another Ragnar del sol team. This experience was much different than 3 years ago being a driver instead of a runner. (you can read about that here, here and here) I still got zero sleep and was exhausted when I got home, but didn’t have the “I’m going to die” feeling and no sore legs. My bff flew in from Texas to be on our team and my aunt, cousin and a sorority sister all came down from Utah to run too. Those 4 plus 2 other friends from my hood all kicked booty and every single one of them beat their projected time for the race. It’s a good thing I didn’t run my original legs or I’m afraid I would have pulled down our team average drastically. {sigh} I’ll get back there soon enough…

I really had the best time with everyone in my van and I’m pretty sure everyone else had a great time too because of all the emails going around planning out a bunch more teams for next year. The weather was perfect, the course was even better this time around and we couldn’t have asked for a funner group of women to spend the weekend with. Great all around!

Miranda turned 7 (back in January) and a highlight was going to dinner and Build A Bear with her BFF Tawny. Miranda’s energy is still off the charts, but she is so sweet and can sit still through reading books together, movies and does pretty good being reverent at church. (3 hours is a long time for her for sure!) Miranda’s favorites right now are riding her bike, playing games (any and all) and spending time outside with anyone who will play with her.

Miranda is also taking ballet lessons right now and LOVES it! I really thought she would be losing interest by now, because, well, it is Miranda, but she is doing fantastic and taking it all very seriously. She’s a lot more graceful than I thought she would be too. I hope she decides to stick with it for a while as I can see it really being somewhere she can shine. Of course, Miss straight-A’s is an exceptional student too, it’s just nice to see her finding and developing other talents.

…more updates to come soon.

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One Response to For The Record(s)

  1. Jamie S says:

    So good to have a catch up! I owe you a note back about June!

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