re·com·mit·com·mit·ted, re·com·mit·ting, re·com·mits

1. To commit again.

2. To refer (proposed legislation, for example) to a committee again.

Recommit is not the prettiest word. Not even the most interesting either, but this was the word I had picked earlier in the year to be my word. The word that could remind and direct me of my personal goals for the new year. This dictionary definition does not describe my feelings about recommitting at all.

Last fall I had my mind made up of all the things that I wanted to accomplish this year. I had a good variety of all kinds of things on my list; spiritual, physical, mental… I do have to say they were geared more towards improving myself, which is not uncommon for goals, but when we discovered we were adding another member to our family, my focus quickly changed.

I thought more about the effects that this change would not only bring for me, but for my kids and husband as we already seem to juggle so much. I was more than a little worried that some things in my life would get the short end of my time and dedication and I didn’t want that at all. I picked the word that I thought would help me to make more of an effort in the areas of my life that really mattered, and I was pretty sure that doing this would also help me to re-evaluate where all of my “extra” time was spent. I thought for sure that I would have to let go of some of my prior obligations and make some big adjustments.

Of course, nothing ever turns out exactly as we plan, so I have been pleasantly surprised to see what this one word has actually helped me accomplish over the last little while.

Recommit to me, meant that I not just fulfilled my obligations and duties, (both new and old) but that I really put 100% into everything that I am committed to. From my kids, my girl scout troop, my church calling in the Young Women’s program and Jake, to all the little things like making dinner and trying to be happy and creative about it, I wanted to be and do better.

I’m far from perfect about it, probably not even close to 90% (I blame my old, pregnant body for that), but my attitude is better. I feel good about my progress and I see the difference this goal is making for me. I have more sense of completion when I know that I’m giving more than I have and seeing things all the way through. It’s a very simple goal, yet there are days that I still struggle and want to just do things to cross them off my list and I have to remind myself to do my best… Hmm, seems I say that to my kids an awful lot too. To “slow down and do their best work”.

I guess it’s about time I started taking my own advice. 🙂 Would love to hear how all of your goals are going…

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