Why is kSpinning?

I have five children, need I say more?…

In addition to child rearing, I also love running, photography, reading, crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening and remodeling, though this is more of a wish list as running is usually the only thing I can actually fit into my busy days. (and often times that even gets beat out by precious sleep)

This space started as a place of self-therapy and escape and has now evolved into whatever it is now. Record keeping with the occasional sharing of uplifting or helpful information (sometimes of what NOT to do), are my new goals for this treasured spot of mine.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to my corner of the blogosphere. And for my long time returning blogging and non-blogging friends, thank you and welcome back!


2 Responses to Why is kSpinning?

  1. Nicole says:

    You sound like someone I could like a lot. I, too, write to “not explode,” something my blog has been kind enough to do for me! Here’s another blog for me to follow. 🙂

  2. lynnhouse says:

    Saw that you posted a comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I have read a few of your entries and almost “feel” your energy. I’ll be back. Visit me anytime, too. I think we share a common motive for blogging: sanity.
    take care,

    K-Ah, sanity good… I’m so glad you’ll come back. I’m usually more interesting than I have been of late. I think! 😉

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