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Week In Review (by the numbers) January 22-29 2012

This is a test to see if I can update more often by keeping my posts more concise and specific. We’ll see how long this lasts… 8 – the age my youngest daughter turned yesterday 4 – delicious sushi rolls … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Parent’s Home

Wow, it’s been so long I hardly remember how to write anymore. This last weekend was the official start of my summer vacation. I met my family in Zion’s National Park in southern Utah and spent two days swimming and playing, but … Continue reading

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Peacocks & Piglets

Okay everyone, this is the last day to enter my ‘Friday giveaway’, so scroll down to Friday, and leave me a comment about what makes you happy. I’m really loving the comments so far…great thoughts! Today has been a crazy … Continue reading

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Grrrrrrl Scout Cookies!

Is it over yet? How long can it last? Seriously. I am up to my eyeballs in Thin Mints, Trefoils and Somoas and I have had enough! This is my first year as a Girl Scout leader and I had … Continue reading

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Enemies No More

Just when you think that your kids are destined to hate each other forever, one of them will do something to surprise you. Yesterday big M surprised her little sister and I with some snacks and hand made cards. She made us … Continue reading

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My grandma is such a cute, sweet lady. I really wish that I knew her better. She raised her nine children in the same 3 bedroom home that my grandpa grew up in. I don’t know how my mom and … Continue reading

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Sorry k Can’t Play…

“Go into hiding if you want to avoid controversy. Put your effort into building something. Don’t interact with anyone who is likely to pick a fight or cause you grief. Work by yourself.” Wow, not very promising. This is my … Continue reading

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