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Break Time

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I was busy tying up loose ends before my annual pilgrimage to the city of Salt. This year, sadly, I will not be staying my usual 6 weeks. J is very pleased … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Parent’s Home

Wow, it’s been so long I hardly remember how to write anymore. This last weekend was the official start of my summer vacation. I met my family in Zion’s National Park in southern Utah and spent two days swimming and playing, but … Continue reading

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I’m Home. . . Now What?

When you get back from a vacation do you ever feel like you were gone too long, or not long enough? I’m sure that one of these applies to me, but I’m not sure which one yet. Two weeks was just … Continue reading

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Sabbatical?! I Want One!

This is the coolest thing ever! As I am trying to make sure my husband will be able to work remotely at Christmas (so we don’t have to use all of his vacation), my friend is planning an eight, yes … Continue reading

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