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A Privilege

Jake asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, and I told him that I really wanted 3 hours with the house to myself the day before, so I could do a thorough cleaning. My wish is to have every room … Continue reading

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Another Month Of Free Parking

It’s November! The time for being thankful and showing your gratitude. Why not make it a personal goal to choose at least one person a day and let them know how grateful you are for them? Join the validating bandwagon, … Continue reading

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Love Passed Down

I had a wonderful day yesterday which means that I didn’t lift a finger besides getting my girls and myself ready for church. J made all my favorite foods for dinner including crab legs and steamed artichokes (yum!) and we … Continue reading

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Quick Thanks

So I’m a little behind on my posts. I’m blaming it on being sick the entire beginning of last week. I don’t think I showered one day before noon or left the house in makeup at all. I’m not really … Continue reading

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Updates And Witches…

It’s been so long that I have really written anything that I’m not sure where to start… Actually, I should start by apologizing to all of you for just taking off without notice. There were a couple of reasons for … Continue reading

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Summer Storms

Ever try to photograph lightning? Not easy my friends… Well it wasn’t for me anyway, even with lightning striking every few seconds. I took thousands a bunch and only caught it twice. It’s been a stormy week here in the … Continue reading

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