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Driving Slow On Sunday Morning…

…or evening. Sundays have always been, and still are the day that my parents and siblings get together to celebrate birthdays, or have a nice dinner as an excuse to see one another. When I was younger, my sisters and … Continue reading

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Perspectives In Purple

J had a favorite as did I, so I decided to post both. I also wondered how many times I thought he and I were so different, when all along we have both been looking at the same picture in … Continue reading

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Surrounded By Golden Light

   Last night I fell asleep with so many good thoughts floating in my head, and plans on writing them all out this morning when I woke up. There have been many events this week that made me so thankful … Continue reading

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Summer Storms

Ever try to photograph lightning? Not easy my friends… Well it wasn’t for me anyway, even with lightning striking every few seconds. I took thousands a bunch and only caught it twice. It’s been a stormy week here in the … Continue reading

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Sunday Warm Fuzzies

While I would usually be busy blogging away all of the goings-on of the last few days, I instead find myself wanting to hold off on the talking and just savor these final minutes of my weekend. It has been … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

I think it’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture of this beautiful building. This is the Salt Lake Temple in Utah taken from my trip this last weekend. Enjoy. Check out more wordless-ness here!

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Bougainvillea (and other random spins)

Don’t you love the name of that plant?  I didn’t know its name before our family moved to Arizona 18 months ago,  but I remember seeing these beautiful plants along the freeways when we would visit. The ‘blooms’ are actually leaves that change colors … Continue reading

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