Week In Review (by the numbers) January 22-29 2012

This is a test to see if I can update more often by keeping my posts more concise and specific. We’ll see how long this lasts…

  • 8 – the age my youngest daughter turned yesterday
  • 4 – delicious sushi rolls consumed for birthday lunch a day earlier (her choice)
  • 90 – minutes of torture watching Puss In Boots 3D with birthday girl (also her choice)
  • 2 – new paint colors picked and purchased for the girls room remodel (more my choice)
  • 5 – the amount of squealing girls that were here Saturday to celebrate said birthday
  • 24 – pink cupcakes decorated and consumed
  • 15 – minutes late for church Sunday (see above)
  • 2 – sweet friends who brought birthday goodies last night to a very happy 8 year old
  • 3 – weeks into and left in my weight-loss challenge
  • 4 – lbs lost so far (could probably do better if I gave up chocolate)
  • 5 – workouts completed with the Young Women in our church (triathlon training)
  • 2 – weeks of sleepless nights stressing biopsy results of a “worrisome” mole
  • 6 – number of ugly stitches gracing my upper right arm after a small mole removal Wednesday (luckily only for preventative reasons)
  • 3 – new promises made to myself about record keeping after cancer scare
  • 432 – points earned in my very first Bunko night Friday (so fun! will be doing that again for sure!)
  • 700 – pairs of underwear soiled before giving up (for now) on potty training Geoffrey
  • 17 – delicious and healthy meals prepared during the week
  • 5 – times I splurged on treats and/or other non-healthy foods this week (2 birthday celebrations)
  • 1 – more tooth pulled out by Miranda
  • 0 – nights Maxwell has slept through the night
  • 51/2 – months I have not got a full nights sleep (see above)
  • 7 – handstand contests I won against my girls yesterday
  • 8 – batches of laundry completed (more cleaned, but only 8 were put away)
  • 50 – kisses everyday on some chubby cheeks!
  • 7 – days of cleaning up every room in the house
  • 0 – number of clean rooms right now
  • 1 – hour everyday I vow not to stress about anything and do want I want to do (started just now)

Here’s to another great week!

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