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Working What Works

I read a quote a while ago that said something to the effect of ‘don’t compare your everyday life to the highlights of someone else’s life’. I think it’s so easy to do that with our constant social media fixes … Continue reading

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6 Month Appetite

This was the first time Maxwell tried squash… I had to grab the camera because he was SO opposed to eating it. He could not get far enough away from the spoon. I wish I could’ve captured his sour face … Continue reading

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Finding My Strength

I’ve written out similar posts to this three times now, and it still doesn’t sound right, but I’m going to just put it out there anyway. I’m a very social being and love being around friends, family and attending large, … Continue reading

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New post brought to you tonight by Coke Zero. Sadly I haven’t run since Thanksgiving morning, and I’m not sure you could even have called it running even. More like a jog a little, chat and walk a little, pretend … Continue reading

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Ivy’s Quilt

Back in April our family was lucky enough to get a new niece. As girls are outnumbered in regards to the grandkids in our family, we were very excited about this edition. Not only is she the first girl in … Continue reading

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Grandma Betty

Today is very likely my Grandma’s last day of this life. Her health has been slowly declining over the past few years and just a few months ago her family had to put her in a nursing home. Though I … Continue reading

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re·com·mit·com·mit·ted, re·com·mit·ting, re·com·mits 1. To commit again. 2. To refer (proposed legislation, for example) to a committee again. Recommit is not the prettiest word. Not even the most interesting either, but this was the word I had picked earlier … Continue reading

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